Contour Collimation Systems to be Used for Murine Irradiation



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Three collimators were designed and built with mouse irradiation in mind. They were made to have a shapeable aperture that could deliver strange or complex dose shapes to spots on the animals. Current collimators are either custom-built, expensive, or only provide limited dose shapes. These provide self-customizable collimation at a minimum of cost.

A mouse holder was also devised to reproducibly hold a mouse under the collimator. Construction of the holder and of each collimator is also covered. Each collimator was analyzed for flaws, holes, and penumbral width across various shapes of interest. A Norelco MG300 X-ray generator at the Texas A&M Nuclear Science Center was used in these tests.

The lead collimator had a radial penumbra of 1.2 mm. The clay / lead shot collimator had a radial penumbra of 1.6 mm. The brass collimator had a radial penumbra of 1.75 mm. Vertical and horizontal penumbras are dependent on distance from the center of the beam. All readings are + 0.3 mm according to the resolution of the scanner used in this experiment. Each collimator is useful for different purposes.