Cultural/civic center for Plano, Texas



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Texas Tech University


This is a proposal to provide Plano with a cultural center as well as a central focus. The building that will provide the solutions stated will be a civic center. As a central focus, the civic center will serve Plano's outstanding characteristic for residents as well as outsiders to admire and remember. Plano has enlarged from a population of under 20,000 in 1970, to the recent estimate of almost 110,000 yet there is no major space for a group of Planoites to congregate. The proposed civic center will provide that missing social center for the residents. It will be versatile enough to accommodate small as well as large groups of people in indoor or outdoor environments under formal and informal conditions. Because Plano is comprised of people, not ornate buildings, the civic center will address its problems on a pedestrian scale so it will display the character of the people who live there. This proposed civic center is a solution that is long overdue to Plano's problem of a missing social center and central focus for the city.