Object-oriented analysis and specification for real-time systems



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Texas Tech University


It is important to provide a complete, consistent, and feasible requirements specification, especially for complex real-time systems. To maximize the effectiveness of object-oriented software development, it is ideal to apply the object-oriented approach to every stage of the software life cycle. In this research, an objectoriented analysis methodology which can be applied to real-time systems (OOART) has been developed and applied to an existing system. A message passing technique which employs the priority queue, and embeds the time constraints in each message, has also been developed. To represent the OOART in the resulting requirements specification, a set of graphical notations which not only supports the concepts of the object-oriented approach, but also supports the characteristics of realtime systems, has been utilized. As a case study, the OOART has been applied to a single wafer cleaning system which implements a distributed real-time control of semiconductor process equipment.