Electrodynamic forces in compensated pulsed electrical machines

dc.contributor.advisorDriga, Mircea D.en
dc.creatorOzdemir, Muammeren
dc.description.abstractCompensated pulsed electrical machines of different topologies are located at the forefront of the today technology due to their extremely high power and highly transient and short duration operation. They must operate into a variable structure, carefully tuned system due to the necessity of an optimal drive of the supplied accelerators (e.g. military and civilian such as plasma deposition accelerators.) The present research is dedicated to deriving different means to calculate the extremely high forces occurring in such machines using theoretical and numerical methods in order to assure original designs which can survive the extreme and critical requirements for different topologies the machines. The accurate and expedient evaluation of the electromagnetic field diffusion in pulsed machines conductors as a prerequisite to calculating the exact volume distribution of electromagnetic forces and the necessity of precise but expeditious calculations of forces in compensated structures are addressed. The theoretical electrodynamic approach using the Poynting’s vector in conditions of moving media as a method of electromagnetic power balance is employed for force calculations. Also, finite element method applied to forces in nonlinear magnetic materials and the use of magnetic vector potential for linear magnetic materials is addressed. As a special case of force calculations, a quasistatic magnetic regime of harmonic excitation as applied to underwater electro-acoustic research is analyzed. Finally, a library of cases of actively compensated structures is presented in which a performance evaluation of magnetic flux compression machines is shown, in order to achieve optimal configurations for plasma deposition and plasma spraying using railgun accelerators.
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dc.subjectElectric machinery--Dynamicsen
dc.titleElectrodynamic forces in compensated pulsed electrical machinesen