Non-linear modeling parameters for reinforced concrete columns subjected to seismic loads



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The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Standard 41-06 Supplement No.1 (2007) assists engineers in modeling and evaluating the non-linear behavior of structures till collapse. Different levels of conservatism were used throughout the standard to produce modeling parameters for different structural elements, which leads to inconsistencies at the system level. Task to update current ASCE 41-06 provisions pertaining to RC structures is now handled by ACI (American Concrete Institute) committee 369 entitled “Seismic Repair and Rehabilitation”. This study is a part of ACI 369 committee’s effort.

Existing provisions for non-linear analysis are re-assessed in this study for both rectangular and circular reinforced concrete columns. A database of 490 column tests was compiled for this project. Median rather than conservative estimates of non-linear modeling parameters were produced to achieve “best” estimates of structural behavior. Proposed modeling parameters show improved fit with experimental data over existing parameters. Data necessary for selection of acceptance criteria are provided.