Determining how noise and task redundancy influence motor control of planar reaching



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Motor noise and redundancy are vexing issues in motor control; yet their understanding provides great insights on underlying control mechanisms that govern movement. They provide glimpses into how the nervous system organizes and regulates movement within the motor control system. Understand of motor control could spur new advances in motor control could lead to better development of rehabilitation process and technology to counteract debilitating affects of neuromuscular disorders and motor readjustment with prostheses. However, before such process and technology could be developed and adapted for clinical use, a deeper understanding of motor control is needed to unravel the neural roadmap that regulates and generates movement. New theory of motor control could precipitate the development of more robust control mechanisms for robotic-human interaction. This work aims at expanding a more rigorous analytical and mathematical framework to understand how these control mechanisms reconcile redundancy and stochastic noise in human motor control.