What is the impact of a soft energy value system on an architectural design?



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Texas Tech University


As the title suggests, this thesis examines the impact of a soft energy value system on a particular architectural design.

Soft energy refers to renewable environmentally compatible energy sources (Lovins, 1977). The soft energy value system is established by consideration of the social and environmental benefits avaílable through the replacement of non-renewable energies with renewable energy sources and conservation. Prevlous research has shown that by approaching the design of architecture in a systems approach, these soft energy issues can be more aesthetically and economically met (Ternoey and Ehrenkrantz,1984). Therefore, appropriate energy-related issues and technologies, as they pertain to this thesis, are to be integrated into the building design process at each level of inquiry. The vehicle for this inquiry will be the design of a new Government Office Building located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.