Nonlinear aeroelastic analysis of aircraft wing-with-store configurations



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Texas A&M University


The author examines nonlinear aeroelastic responses of air vehicle systems. Herein, the governing equations for a cantilevered configuration are developed and the methods of analysis are explored. Based on the developed nonlinear bending-bending-torsion equations, internal resonance, which is possible in future air vehicles, and the possible cause of limit cycle oscillations of aircraft wings with stores are investigated. The nonlinear equations have three types of nonlinearities caused by wing flexibility, store geometry and aerodynamic stall, and retain up to third-order nonlinear terms. The internal resonance conditions are examined by the Method of Multiple Scales and demonstrated by time simulations. The effect of velocity change for various physical parameters and stiffness ratio is investigated through bifurcation diagrams derived from Poinar?e maps. The dominant factor causing limit cycle oscillations is the stiffness ratio between in-plane and out-of-plane motion.