Session 2D | Faculty Perspectives on Implementing Open Educational Practices

Wallis, Kendra
Kilpatrick, Cynthia
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Texas Digital Library

In this interactive workshop, two faculty members will discuss a faculty perspective on Open Educational Practices (OEP), including why they’re needed, why they can be difficult, and how we can do them successfully. Because research indicates that the use of OEP is a high impact practice for equity and inclusion in higher education, this workshop will help faculty consider their own perceptions and how they can better meet the needs of their students by ensuring they all have equal access to their educational materials. We will discuss the barriers that faculty participants encounter when contemplating using or creating OEP, address why OEP are crucial to both student and faculty success in a diverse educational environment, and offer perspectives on how we have addressed our own barriers. Workshop participants will be actively involved in discussion and will be guided through steps in the development and creation process. The presenters will provide information and resources they found helpful in their own journeys. We will brainstorm together how we can all be successful in moving closer to our goals for increasing inclusivity and capitalizing on the diversity of our students.