Session 2E | Using Wikidata to Enhance Discovery for Dissertations, Authors, and Faculty Advisors in Texas A&M University’s Mechanical Engineering Department

Ho, Jeannette
Stokes, Charity
Liu, Zao
Chubaryan, Tatyana
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The last couple of years brought about a drastic change in how libraries provided services to their patrons. UNT Health Science Center took what could have been a crippling time and turned it into an opportunity for evaluation and adaptation of library policies and procedures. From changing ILS to retirements to lockdown procedures this presentation will present how library processes and technology were evaluated and adapted to meet our goals and patron needs while preserving the sanity of library staff.

TCDL 2022 Session 2E, Tuesday 5/24/2022, 3:00 pm to 3:50 pm | Moderated by Dianna Morganti, Texas A&M University | Session Type Scholarly Communication