A Gas Chromatographic Method to Determine Sorption Isotherms for Biomedical Polymers



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Texas Tech University


This study is concerned with the development of a methodology whereby inverse gas-liquid chromatography can be utilized as an analytical tool to determine the sorption isotherms of chemical sterilants for biomedical polymers.

Cellulose acetate and poly (vinylidene chloride/vinyl chloride) copolymer were successfully investigated with regard to their potential to adsorb isopropyl alcohol and aqueous solutions of formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde. Since those sterilants can be retained by the polymer matrix, it is important that their sorption characteristics can be understood. Otherwise, toxic levels of the sorbed chemical can be released into the biosphere after the polymer has been implanted into the human body. Inverse chromatography was found to be well suited for this type of study because of its speed, accuracy, and wide range of applicability. Moreover, the data obtained with this technique correspond to infinite dilution, or the low PPM concentration range so important in the removal of the last vestiges of the chemical sterilants.