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Duration: c.a. 15 minutes

Robert Max Stoffregen, M. Music The University of Texas at Austin, 2012

Supervisor: Russell Pinkston Co- Supervisor: Bruce Pennycook

This piano trio is an extension of my work in the area of chamber music composition, and constitutes the single largest work of mine in this area. Chamber music is the most significant area of my work as a composer, and this composition represents an attempt to expand the scope of my chamber works from single movement, contiguous pieces, to a multiple movement concert length work. The titles of each of the movements of EMF are abstracted from song lyrics by indie-rock singer/songwriters Bill Callahan, John Vanderslice, and hip-hop producer/vocalist Eligh. Each movement borrows musical material from its respective song and develops significantly the given musical “seed” according to various compositional techniques. It was my hope from the beginning that this type of referencing and borrowing might lend the music freshness, and at the very least, form a connection between my work as a composer and my musical tastes and experiences as an objective listener. There are no programmatic intentions behind EMF.