Development of a Pulse Modulator for Active Flow Control in Turbomachinery



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In todays highly maneuverable jet aircraft designs, aircraft are required to have a propulsion system that can operate during sudden accelerations and rapid changes in angle-of-attack. Consequently, the compressor of the jet engine occasionally must operate at low-flow rates and rapid changes in inlet conditions. The high angle-of-attack and low-flow regime of compressor operation is often plagued by rotating stall and surge. Rotating stall and surge can result in loss of engine performance, rapid heating of the blades, and severe mechanical stresses. Traditional methods for suppressing rotating stall and surge only partially protect against rotating stall or reduce compressor efficiency. The objective of this research is to design a stall suppression system that will introduce oscillatory blowing into one of the rotor blade (stall suppression blade). This oscillatory blowing method has been tested on a wing section in a wind tunnel and has shown to increase the stall angle-of-attack by several degrees.\cite{gilarranzetal02} This increase in stall angle-of-attack will eliminate stall cells as they form in the compressor. The goal of this research is to design a single stage axial compressor that will incorporate the new oscillatory blowing stall suppression system; moreover, this research will design, build, and test a scaled down version of this suppression system.