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This report outlines the process of creating and producing the documentary film “That Thing You Do” based on the TV series “1+1=Infinito” (1+1=Infinite). The series and the film provide a better understanding of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and shows how people can incorporate CSR into their daily lives. The film production was financed by “PROhumana Foundation” (Chile) and shows how three Chilean people: Rodrigo Alonso, entrepreneur, Catalina Valdés, chef, and Javier del Río, architect, are trying to make a difference in their specific fields in terms of environmental impact, saving and using energy properly, and the importance of conscientious eating. The documentary film has taken the concept of CSR and attempted to present it to a massive audience in order to suggest the idea that all of our actions eventually come back to us. Any imbalance in the system that surrounds us and which we are a part of will affect us. In contrast, any improvement to the system will benefit us. The film thus attempts to showcase testimonials by the main characters suggesting small changes we can make in our daily lives in order to work toward this goal.