TDL Labs: Partnerships for Exploration




Karadkar, Unmil
Francisco-Revilla, Luis

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TDL is breaking new ground on several frontiers in planning and developing a multi-institution, reliable, and sustainable infrastructure. These advancements necessitate the exploration and evaluation of alternate technologies, processes, and services, for example, repository software, interfaces, applications, work flow support systems and authentication mechanisms. TDL can become more efficient and productive by share resources and know-how with other units on university campuses that possess complementary competencies.

TDL labs is a model for collaboration between interested units on the TDL university campuses that builds on the strengths of the participating units and benefits the TDL community as a whole. In this talk we will discuss the TDL labs approach, its strengths and limitations, and ground this discussion by presenting projects conceived jointly byTDL staff and faculty in the School of Information at UT Austin. We invite feedback and ideas for TDL labs as well as for other joint projects on TDL campuses.


Presentation slides for the 2010 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL).