Mentors' perceptions of the effectiveness of the components and technological venues implemented in online teacher induction programs for novice teachers



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Texas A&M University


This descriptive study provided a synthesis of the form, structure, activity and relationship components utilized by online teacher induction programs designed to support novice teachers. Mentors involved in online teacher induction programs responded to an online questionnaire. The perceptions of 51 mentors involved in 36 online teacher induction programs in 16 states and one country in addition to the United States were examined to determine the effectiveness of components incorporated. A synthesis of the technological venues utilized was provided through a statistical analysis of the mentors?????? responses. The mentors?????? perceptions of the effectiveness of incorporated technological venues were statistically examined. Additionally, their perceptions of professional development, emotional support, reflection, and formative observation components in relation to the program??????s characteristics were also examined through the analysis of their responses to the online questionnaire. Analysis of the mentors?????? perceptions appeared to indicate the effective implementation of professional development and emotional support components via technological venues to support novice teachers. The professional development component was perceived as effective regardless of the school districts?????? sizes, grade level taught or certification route of the novice teachers. To improve novice teachers?????? pedagogical knowledge, it is suggested that online teacher induction programs employ video streaming, videotapes, and websites to deliver the professional development component. Additionally, it appeared that mentors perceived electronic mail as most effective for providing emotional support. However, telephones, bulletin boards, video conferences, and chats were also effectively utilized to support novice teachers emotionally.