Analysis of the physical properties of ionic liquids



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Texas Tech University


The recognition of ionic liquids as possible green solvents has boosted the interest in this field. Ionic liquids are simply, liquids that are comprised entirely of ions. The aspect of ionic liquids as solvents and catalysts has gained notable attention but little knowledge in the physical properties of these liquids has been achieved. It is important to gain a quantitative understanding of how these new class of solvents affect reaction rates and the outcome of reactions. As a result of a better understanding, the ability to better predict the outcome of these reactions performed in these solvents should enhance their usage. In this study, the solute/solvent interactions of a group of ionic liquids, which have different alkyl side chains and anions, were investigated. By changing the length of the side chain or the anion, the physical properties of the ionic liquids vary. Ionic liquids with hydrophobic side chains or bulky polarizable anions are not as good a hydrogen bond donor as those with a less hydrophobic side chain or a smaller, more basic anion.