Nonlinear dynamics of hysteretic oscillators




Shekhawat, Ashivni

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The dynamic response and bifurcations of a harmonic oscillator with a hysteretic restoring force and sinusoidal excitation are investigated. A multilinear model of hysteresis is presented. A hybrid system approach is used to formulate and study the problem. A novel method for obtaining exact transient and steady state response of the system is discussed. Simple periodic orbits of the system are analyzed using the KBM method and an analytic criterion for existence of bound and unbound resonance is derived. Results of KBM analysis are compared with those from numerical simulations. Stability and bifurcations of higher period orbits are studied using Poincar?e maps. The Poincar?e map for the system is constructed by composing the corresponding maps for the individual subsystems of the hybrid system. The novelty of this work lies in a.) the study of a multilinear model of hysteresis, and, b.) developing a methodology for obtaining the exact transient and steady state response of the system.



Nonlinear dynamics, hysteresis, hybrid systems, bifurcations, Asymptotic methods, Shape memory alloys