Session 1A | Accessibility in Digital A/V Collections




Hanke, Mirko
Bondurant, John

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Texas Digital Library


Are you confused about the technical, legal, or logistical challenges associated with making collections of audiovisual materials available on the web? Do you get lost in the conversations about standards, formats, platforms, and jargon? Does it seem like other groups on your campus are working in a similar area but have a different set of requirements and issues? Well, you aren’t alone! Libraries and archives around the state of Texas are working to make vast collections of digital audiovisual material available. Making these resources accessible is an important component in this process that provides a new set of challenges for collection managers and technologists to overcome. Investing in accessible content not only makes these resources available and usable to persons with different abilities, but also provides new and exciting opportunities for discovery and reuse. This birds-of-a-feather session follows a mini-series of webinars organized by TDL members in early 2022. Focussing on digital audiovisual cultural heritage collection materials, we invite you to share your organization's experience with making collections accessible. Join us for a discussion of technical, curatorial and organizational approaches, as well as lessons learned, and let us explore opportunities for continued shared learning.


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