Session 1M | Hosting and Delivering of Open Educational Resources by the Nigerian Universities




Abdu, Alkasim Hamisu

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Open Educational Resource (OER) movement is often predicated on the need for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the educational enrolment, performance and achievement. Thus, all regions of the world need to be involved and integrated in the process. Accordingly, the Commonwealth of Learning in 2017 engaged the National Universities Commission – regulatory agency of university education in Nigeria, the engagement culminated in a draft policy for OER in Nigerian Higher Education. As a result, OER tab or link appeared on the websites of many universities in Nigeria. However, there has not been attempt to evaluate OER take-ups among the universities or in the country in general. This study intends to analyse the content of the Nigerian Universities websites in order to trace and analyse OER manifestations among the Universities. Though, the work wouldn’t serve as evaluation of the OER programme of the Nigerian Universities however, it would provide data and information that would facilitate usage as well as forging areas of collaborations among the universities and between the Universities and other universities across the globe. The study would also recommend possible ways to improve.