Session 1H | Keeping Track of What’s What: Creating a free CRM using Airtable




Hernandez, Gabrielle

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Texas Digital Library


Open Education Librarianship is an ever evolving field of cutting edge and innovative projects. These positions are held by people who are accomplishing massive amounts of work by running programs of various sizes that support entire institutions with minimal personnel. In trying to balance simultaneous affordability initiatives, faculty outreach efforts, and data tracking, the amount of information open education practitioners handle can easily become overwhelming. In order to keep track of what’s what, having a tool to manage all these records is invaluable. In this workshop participants will hear an overview of how an Open Education Librarian was able to create a relational database using Airtable and consolidate 3 years of programming data into one place. Attendees will also be able to copy the Textbook Affordability Tracking Airtbale template and engage in step-by-step virtual hands-on training on how to create records, input data, and modify their own program management tool. By the end of the presentation, participants will have a tangible database that can help them keep track of all of their textbook affordability initiatives needs and more!