Emerging Trends and Evolving Issues in Open Access and Scholarly Communications




Alemneh, Daniel
Helge, Kris
Priyanto, Ida Fajar
Tmava, Ahmet Meti

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The manner in which scholarly research is conducted is changing rapidly. As researchers continue to produce and share a wide variety of research outputs and scholarly contributions, in new ways, understanding of the factors influencing adoption, how they are being used, their implications for research practices and policy remains limited.

This presentation will provide an overview of emerging trends in scholarly communication and the roles of diverse stakeholders ranging from individual researchers, scholars, and library and information professionals to institutions, publishers and professional societies. In light of the increasingly global Open Access movement and the evolving landscape of Scholarly Communication, the panelist will share their preliminary findings of their doctoral researches and further speculate the implication of open educational resources on copyrights, access, and preservation at global level.


Presentation slides for the 2015 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL).