Uses and gratifications of the internet



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Texas Tech University


With the ever-increasing use of the Internet, researchers are curious how the Internet is used, who is using the Net and the gratifications users gain while using the Internet. People across the world use the Internet for different reasons: shopping, communication with friends and families through electronic mail, business transactions and communication, and entertainment are among the many opportunities of the Net.

The purpose of this exploratory study is to determine the uses and gratifícations derived from Internet use of browsers and users of Lubbock Internet Service Providers: The Door and Windmill. Two Lubbock Internet Service Providers were selected based on their willingness to post a uses and gratifications questionnaire on their web site. Findings of this study will identify (1) respondents' uses of the Internet, (2) respondents' uses of electronic-mail, (3) respondents' gratifications from using the Internet, (4) respondents' gratifications from using electronic-mail and (5) the respondents' demographic profile.