Re-Engineering a Website Into a Digital Humanities Project - We Think!




Johnson, Lynn
Holmes, Ramona

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What happens when you have a website that needs a facelift and you want to evolve the contents into a digital humanities project? What makes it different? This poster session explores a process we are attempting at the University of Texas @ Arlington Libraries. Taking an amazing collection of US-Mexico War materials in our Special Collections, harnessing high collaboration with our Center for Greater Southwestern Studies, and re-imagining a website has been a six month process that tapped into an academic partnership and internal re-organization. We invite you to examine our painful process that used a project with no documentation, a small web presence, and completely new personal in a brand new unit. Learn from our unpleasant experience so you never have to go through this yourself!


Poster presentation for the 2014 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL).