Session 1Q | OER Buy-In in Lab Science Courses

Jackson, Tonya
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Texas Digital Library

For faculty, to lead, and then associate dean, this session will explain how the presenter’s passion for OER has helped to build momentum in the move to embrace open pedagogy and resources at her institution. Through a focus on learning, content expertise, and using local resources, buy-in was fostered for a progressive OER adoption program. The transforming principle in the adoption of open pedagogy/OER is an understanding of the flexibility and control it offers. It allows for day-to-day teaching with a focus on faculty passion and fosters courses that are more enjoyable. Stripping back courses to competencies and objectives and building up may seem like the obvious pathway to some. However, it’s not for those without development in building quality courses. Getting faculty to understand first how to wrestle with the core components of curriculum building, and then shining the light on OER and open pedagogies helps institutions on their journeys to being inclusive. As with most changes, positive management is key to a smooth transition. While our process is far from perfect, the leaps made are to be celebrated. Let’s discuss how to encourage that excitement in your own.