A global audience study : how do female Korean fans of "Sex and the city" read and speak about the show's consumerist aspects?

dc.contributor.advisorStraubhaar, Joseph D.
dc.creatorLee, Cho Rok, 1981-
dc.description.abstractThis study illustrates how female Korean fans of Sex and the city read the specific element of the show, a consumerist aspect. The show has been accrued condemnation of the public in Korea, especially in regards to its consumerism. The show assumes to be generating the idealization of a Western materialist lifestyle and its followers, which are mockingly termed ‗Doenjangnyeo'. In addressing related theoretical grounds, including feminism, globalization, consumerism, audience study, and fan reading, this study probes several research questions, namely how female Korean fans create their reading, how their reading is different or similar to the Korean public discourse, and how feminism and globalization played a role in that reading. The study recruited participants via the electronic media like Internet Café and conducted in-depth interviews with 10 participants individually or in groups of two and three. The results of the study present distinctive or counter-discourse readings of female Korean fans regarding the consumerist aspect of the show, the their reading by communicating with other fans, the emphasis on economical affluence as a vital element for independence and freedom and social power. The results show that female Korean fans while dealing with reality also try to practice what they see as social power portrayed on this television show.en_US
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dc.subjectSex and the City (Television series)en_US
dc.subjectKorean womenen_US
dc.titleA global audience study : how do female Korean fans of "Sex and the city" read and speak about the show's consumerist aspects?en_US