Metallo protein induced nitric oxide release from introsothiols



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Texas Tech University


A kinetic investigation of the metallo amino acid induced decomposition of a low molecular weight nitrosothiol such as nitrosoglutathione has been studied. Selenium based metallo amino acids like selenocystamine dihydrochloride and selenocystine were used for this study. This study was cartied out in the presence of the reducing agents glutathione and ascorbic acid because of their physiological presence. A strong reducing agent, sodium borohydride, was also used to compare the effect of reduction of these metallo amino acids on metal ion induced decomposition. The entire study was carried out using HPLC grade water to ensure that there was no contribution of the contaminant metal ions and neither that of the chelants used in some earlier studies for preparing contaminant metal ion free buffers. Finally a kinetic simulation for the diselenide/GSNO/GSH system was performed and was compared with the experimental decay results.