Using the FRDPARRC design methodology to drive innovation in the HETDEX PFIP support adjustable strut assembly



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This thesis provides background information on the Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET), HET Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX), Gough-Stewart platforms (GSP), the Prime Focus Instrument Package (PFIP) support structure, and the design methodology used to design said support structure. Each component is analyzed from the point of view of Professor Alex Slocum’s FRDPARRC design methodology. Each aspect of the design is shown to have been derived by following the steps of Slocum’s design method. Material selection, manufacturing techniques, and integration of off-the-shelf components into the support system are also discussed in reference to FRDPARRC. The assembly procedure for the PFIP structure is outlined. Finally, using specific examples from the detailed design, the FRDPARRC method itself is analyzed and its ability to drive innovation in design is evaluated.