Geographically integrated hydrologic modeling systems



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Water resources engineers recognize the value in integrated modeling systems which take into account a variety of perspectives to produce solutions that sustain the integrity of the complete environmental system. The need to integrate a variety of data sources and models has led to the concept of a hydrologic information system. A hydrologic information system, or HIS, organizes data in a manner which supports hydrologic modeling. An HIS also enables communication between simulation models and data, and even between different models in the system. Recent advances in data management and information system technology have provided the tools necessary to construct an HIS that is both efficient and robust. The research presented in this dissertation defines techniques for creating geographically integrated hydrologic modeling systems with a focus on three types of integration: geospatial integration, model integration at flow change points, and the integration of features with processing engines. Case studies involving water quality, water supply, and floodplain mapping applications illustrate techniques for implementing the three types of integration.