Crafting a Digital Preservation Patchwork: Stitching the Pieces Together




Buckner, Sean

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Charged with developing a digital preservation program at Texas A&M University that would provide coverage for the University Libraries and those they serve, in 2015 the newly hired Digital Preservation Librarian began assessing the Libraries’ goals, content, resources, and needs in regards to digital preservation. What he found was a set of existent and missing elements that were generally not interdependent or connected. This poster would visually represent the actions taken at A&M to “stitch” together a Libraries-wide digital preservation program, a gradual and ongoing process that involves interweaving previously independent or non-existent elements into one blanketing program. This patchwork of elements include, among others, the development of guiding documentation, selection and/or implementation of crucial asset management/storage systems, modification of preexisting and future workflows, reorganization of legacy content with retroactive acquisition of associated metadata, and coordination with interested or overseeing units. The poster would detail and describe the reasoning, methodology, and results for crafting a nascent digital preservation program in this manner at A&M.


Poster presentation for the 2016 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL).