High performance thermo-optic switch and electro-optic modulator based on polymeric multi-mode waveguides with high device packing density for optical network applications



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In this research, a multi-mode waveguides thermo-optic switch was first developed based on the unidirectional coupling mechanism. This device has a packing density of 40 channels/cm. Simulation result shows that an extinction ratio of greater than 20dB can be achieved with the device- electrode interaction length of 30mm. The thermo-optic switch operating at wavelengths of 632.8nm and 1.3 µm has been demonstrated experimentally with extinction ratios of 21dB and 22dB, respectively. Based on the same unidirectional coupling mechanism, A multimode waveguides electro-optic modulator was also designed, fabricated, and tested. The device has a modulation depth of 91% and dynamic range of 68V. An EO modulator array was also developed based on multi-mode optical waveguides. The device has eight-multi-mode waveguide EO modulator on a size chip of 20mm by2.5mm. Each of the EO modulator has the modulation depth of 91%. The cross talk between the EO modulators was measured to be –22dB. These devices can be used for multi-mode fiber optic communications.