Examining the MWEP: further validation of the multidimensional work ethic profile



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Texas A&M University


This research expands on previous work and provides further validation of the Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile (MWEP) by exploring the relationships among the MWEP dimensions and other common work-related attitude variables: job involvement, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. Furthermore, this study investigates the extent to which the MWEP dimensions explained variance in the above mentioned variables over and beyond that which could be explained by conscientiousness and need for achievement. Although the MWEP dimensions correlated with the other work-related variables, the MWEP allowed for the evaluation of unique patterns of relationships among these variables and the work ethic dimensions. The results indicated that the MWEP dimensions were significantly related to conscientiousness yet accounted for significant variance in job involvement, organizational commitment, and job satisfaction above and beyond that explained by conscientiousness. Contrary to what was expected, need for achievement was not significantly related to the MWEP dimensions. Implications and suggestions for future research are discussed.