Preparative-scale isoelectric trapping separations in a multicompartmental electrolyzer: implementation and monitoring



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Preparative-scale protein separations have always been critical to the advancement of the life sciences. Among preparative-scale separation techniques, isoelectric trapping (IET) promises efficient separations and high production rates. This dissertation focuses on the improvement of two aspects of preparative-scale IET protein separations: the instrumentation used and the monitoring of the separation. The first aspect (preparative-scale) is the IET device: the improvement of a multicompartmental electrolyzer (MCE) to increase the efficiency and production rate of IET separations. The redesign focused on three major areas: (1) the sealing system, (2) the configuration of the liquid flow path, and (3) the cooling system. The second aspect (analytical-scale) is the monitoring of the IET separation: the design and manufacture of durable surface-modified capillaries which provide controlled, variable anodic and cathodic electroosmotic flow (EOF) to help develop, plan, and monitor the IET separations.