Routing algorithms for large scale wireless sensor networks

dc.contributorLoguinov, Dmitri
dc.creatorNittala Venkata, Lakshmana Prasanth
dc.description.abstractRouting in sensor networks is a challenging issue due to inherent constraints such as power, memory, and CPU processing capabilities. In this thesis, we assume an All to All communication mode in an N ? N grid sensor network. We explore routing algorithms which load balance the network without compromising the shortest paths constrain. We analyzed the Servetto method and studied two routing strategies, namely Horizontal-Vertical routing and Zigzag routing. The problem is divided into two scenarios, one being the static case (without failed nodes), and the other being the dynamic case (with failed nodes). In static network case, we derived mathematical formulae representing the maximum and minimum loads on a sensor grid, when specific routing strategies are employed. We show improvement in performance in load balancing of the grid by using Horizontal-Vertical method instead of the existing Servetto method. In the dynamic network scenario, we compare the performance of routing strategies with respect to probability of failure of nodes in the grid network. We derived the formulae for the success-ratio, in specific strategies, when nodes fail with a probability of p in a predefined source-destination pair communication. We show that the Servetto method does not perform well in both scenarios. In addition, Hybrid strategy proposed does not perform well compared to the studied strategies. We support the derived formulae and the performance of the routing strategies with extensive simulations.
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.subjectsensor networks
dc.subjectall-to-all communication
dc.subjectmesh routing
dc.subjectload balancing
dc.subjectXY routing
dc.subjectZigzag routing
dc.subjectmaximum load
dc.subjectminimum load
dc.titleRouting algorithms for large scale wireless sensor networks