The deconstruction of orbifold fixed points in heterotic M-theory



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The compactification of E8 X E8 heterotic string theory on orbifolds of the form T6=ZN produces a 4D spectrum of untwisted states and twisted states. Unlike the untwisted states, the twisted states are confined to the fixed points of the ZN action and can be charged under subgroups of both E8 gauge groups simultaneously. While insignificant in the string theory case, dualizing to heterotic M-theory yields a peculiar phenomenon. Specifically, in heterotic M-theory the E8 gauge groups are isolated from each other by an extra dimension with 11D supergravity in the bulk between them. Determining how states can be charged across this bulk becomes a highly nontrivial problem to solve. We propose a procedure that utilizes deconstruction to probe these fixed points and build the appropriate states in the continuum limit. We then analyze and apply this procedure to the Z3, Z4, Z6-I, and Z7 orbifolds.