Stereotypic behavior in pregnant swine



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Texas Tech University


In Exp. 1, behavior of three genotypes were compared for gilts in outdoor or indoor production systems. The genotypes investigated were PIC Camborough-15, (C-15), PIC Camborough-Blue, and York X Landrace. No significant main effects of genotype were found. The oral/nasal/facial chewing observed in indoors pigs was lower in frequency than similar environment-directed oral/nasal/facial behaviors outdoors. Exp.2 compared behavior over 24-h for individually-kept C-15 sows in three systems: pasture, soil or gestation crates. Each treatment group performed statistically similar amounts of total oral/nasal/&cial behaviors for the 24-h sait5)le period. Frequency, duration and sequential analyses of sow behaviors for an intensive 2-h period starting 30 min post-feeding were investigated. While the precise substrate may differ depending upon availability, sows in each treatment showed similar overall duration and frequency of oral/nasal/facial behaviors. Sequential analyses showed stereotyped behaviors may be natural pre- and post-feeding appetitive and consolatory chewing and rooting activities modified in sequence and form by the available substrates.