The Rita Project, A Digital Repository Initiative Designed as an Assitive Tool for Research Policy Making, Using Enhanced Visual Information Representation

Marquez, Camilo Acosta
Moncada, Maria
Naim, Oscar
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The Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, has structured the digital repository, not only as a tool that increases the visibility of its own production, but one that can assist in the research policy making process, by visualizing different categories defined for the objects that the university is uploading in the system and grouping them using Zentity's Pivot Viewer. The project involved defining metadata standards that could be used to generate on-the-fly reports that could easily be reconfigured in order to cater for two main types of users, academic and administrative, the decision was made so that Microsoft Zentity with its enhanced visual interfaces was the weapon of choice. The work was to validate the software to be used by other institutions. At this time the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano introduces Microsoft Research, in partnership with universities in Bogota, called RUMBA (Bogota Metropolitan University Network), the idea was to produce useful results at the 23 consortium members.

Poster presentation for the 2011 Open Repositories Conference discussing the Rita Project, a digital repository initiative designed as an assitive tool for research policy making.