Modeling and simulation for the evaluation of the productivity index in stratified reservoir-well systems



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Our research is mainly focused on modeling the "Productivity Index" of a two-layered reservoir well system with linear Darcy flow. In particular, we consider two systems. For the first system, the permeability of the top layer is relatively small and is approaching to 0. The permeability of the top layer is exactly equal to 0 in the second system. For the Pseudo Steady State regime, we want the Productivity index of the former case to be convergent to the latter case.

From the governing equations of the fluid flow in porous media, we develop a theoretical model for the system. Since we do not get the required convergence with the existing definition of the Productivity Index, we introduce a new definition to the Productivity Index taking porosity of the porous media into account. With this new definition, it was conjectured that under certain restrictions to the porosity, the first system converges to the second system. This conjecture was validated by the simulation results.