A Case Study Comparing Participants vs Non-Participants of the Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Program in Relation to Animal Science Knowledge, Leadership, Career Development, and Higher Education Knowledge Gained



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Selected former Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassadors as well as former Texas 4-H members that are currently enrolled in Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University participated in an interview to determine the effectiveness of both programs in relation to several specific aspects. Five former ambassadors were selected from each institution, resulting in ten total participants. Just as well, five former 4-H members were selected from each institution resulting in ten total control group participants. The focuses of the study related to the following four criteria: 1) How did the T4HLA Program (or Texas 4-H Program) benefit the participants in terms of college preparation? 2) How did the T4HLA Program (or Texas 4-H Program) prepare the participants for determining a career path within agriculture? 3) How did the T4HLA Program (or Texas 4-H Program) allow you to develop leadership skills? 4) How did the T4HLA Program (or Texas 4-H Program) provide information specifically related to animal science knowledge? The results of the study verified the benefits of the T4HLA Program in relation to the targeted areas of higher education knowledge gained, leadership skills developed, agricultural careers explored, and practical animal science knowledge gained. The benefits of the program ensured that a very practical set of skills were being disseminated to the participants. Just as well, the 4-H member?s development in relation to life skills (public speaking, communication, team work, etc.) was magnified during their 4-H membership as well.