Simulation study of areal sweep efficiency versus a function of mobility ratio and aspect ratio for staggered line-drive waterflood pattern



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Texas A&M University


Pattern geometry plays a major role in determining oil recovery during waterflooding and enhanced oil recovery operations. Although simulation is an important tool for design and evaluation, the first step often involves rough calculations based upon areal sweep efficiencies of displacements in homogeneous, two-dimensional, scaled, physical models. These results are available as a function of the displacement pattern and the mobility ratio M. In this research I studied the effect of mobility ratios on five-spot and staggered waterflood patterns behavior for areal (2D) displacement in a reservoir that is homogeneous and isotropic containing no initial gas saturation. Simulation was performed using Eclipse 100 simulator. Simulation results are presented as graphs of areal sweep efficiency at breakthrough versus Craig mobility ratio for various staggered line drive aspect ratios. The main results of the study are presented in the form of a graph of areal sweep efficiency at breakthrough as a function of staggered line drive aspect ratio. This should enable engineers to utilize the results in a convenient manner.