Energy retrofits in single family homes



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Data on U.S. energy consumption and carbon emission stresses the importance of improving the current process of home remodeling in order to take advantage of the great potential offered by the existing housing stock. Home energy retrofits have gained increased popularity in the recent years. Yet, improvements are needed in order to get the most from these processes. In fact, energy retrofits occur in a way that is still too slow or too shallow. Furthermore, the retrofit industry approaches home assessments mainly relying on the use of technology and energy analysis tools. This method is limited inasmuch as it excludes social, cultural and personal variables from the assessment. This research investigates possible strategies to render the process of retrofit to be more holistic and long-lasting. Moreover, it investigates how the main obstacles that prevent homeowners from engaging in home energy retrofits can be removed and how the whole process can become easier and more accessible. Finally, it analyzes the relevant social groups that influence home energy retrofits and how their interactions shape this process.