BIBFRAME Beginnings at UT Austin




Cofield, Melanie
Davis, Jee-Hyun
Brown, Amy
Quagliana, Alisha
Ringwood, Alan

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Staff from UT Libraries, the Harry Ransom Center, and the Tarlton Law Library have been collaborating in discussion group activities during the last year to develop knowledge and skills in anticipation of life after MARC, investigating the brave new world of linked data in libraries with a focus on the Library of Congress Bibliographic Framework (BIBFRAME) initiative.

Our group efforts to better understand BIBFRAME and linked data for libraries include in-depth discussions of current literature, webcasts, and presentations; strategic application of Zepheira’s Practical Practitioner training; and hands-on experimentation transforming local metadata in various formats for various resource types to BIBFRAME. Our analysis of the resulting transformations has helped us gain insight on mapping complexities, data loss, false transformations, potential new metadata displays, and the limitations of the tools involved. The experimentation process overall has afforded us the opportunity to ask targeted questions about what is needed to move towards linked data and to gain a better view of the frontier of Technical Services staff skillsets.

In this panel presentation, we’ll share details about our approaches to maximizing the group learning experience, and lessons learned from grappling with new concepts, data models, terminology, and tools. Representatives from our experimentation teams will report on the initial experience of transforming MARC and non-MARC data sets to BIBFRAME, and what we see as emerging questions and next steps.


Panel presentation for the 2016 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL).