The Evolution Of The Rag: An Analysis Of The Social, Political And Technological Influences On The Birth Of One Underground Newspaper In The 1960s




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This research examines the influences which led to the beginnings of The Rag, an underground newspaper in Austin, TX, that would last for 11 years and give voice to a generation of young adults that were intent on changing society. Students and young adults were seeking ways to voice their frustrations with government policies and newspapers were a major source of information for most of the American public. However, the large city dailies failed to adequately cover issues important to the youth culture. This historical analysis delves into big-picture influences such as the counterculture, the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), technological innovations and the Underground Press Syndicate, as well as local influences such as the Austin counterculture, the leadership of the Daily Texan and UT's campus police that all came together to inspire a group of about 20 University of Texas students to create The Rag in 1966.