Determining the relative validity of a short screener for assessing adherence to a modified Mediterranean diet in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation patients.



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The purpose of the study was to determine the relative validity of a short screener used to assess dietary compliance to a modified Mediterranean diet in a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program. Thirty-one participants completed a newly developed short screener in the clinic and an at-home seven-day food journal that was used as a reference to explore validity. A survey was designed and completed by five Registered Dietitians to assess face validity of the screener. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze and compare the differences of the reported answer frequencies between both measurement tools. The results of the face validity survey and descriptive statistics determined the screener was not valid. Since the study was a pilot study, the statistical methods used to analyze the data were mainly used as a preliminary way to assess the relative validity. In conclusion, future research should address and implement the necessary changes to improve validation.