Do Increased Employee Participation; Job Satisfaction, Communication Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment Affect Employee Intent to Quit In the Casual Dining Restaurant Industry?



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This study investigated the effect of participative management initiatives on both management and non-management employees in casual dining restaurants. The participants completed a self-administered questionnaire containing questions pertaining to employee perceptions about job satisfaction, communication satisfaction, organizational commitment, and the intent to turnover. Based upon a review of the literature 7 research questions were formulated to analyse two different variables of interest. The first part of this study was designed to determine whether the level of job satisfaction, communication satisfaction, and organizational commitment of the employees in a casual dining restaurant was affected by participative management by the restaurant. The second area of attention of this study was to determine if increased employee participation caused a decrease in an employee’s intent to turnover.
Various methods were adopted to collect and analyse the data. Data was obtained from both primary and secondary sources. The data was then examined using correlation and ANOVA analysis. Results indicate that the greatest problem facing organizations today is how best to motivate their employees and consequently increase their job satisfaction.