June 2020 Forum

Deforest, Lea
Park, Kristi
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Texas Digital Library
TEXAS DIGITAL LIBRARY MONTHLY MEMBER FORUM AGENDA https://www.tdl.org/tdl-events/forum/ JUNE 17 2020 Welcome Director’s Update (Kristi Park) • Anti-racist resources • Covid-19 resources • Community Slack • Find Five exhibits Services & Projects Updates • Data Carpentries approved (Kristi Park) • OJS Upgrades (Kristi Park) • Vireo Update (Kristi Park) • Capstones o TDL Directory (Jonathon Youseffnia) o Data Curation in the TDR (Brenna Wheeler) • OER Ambassadors (Lea DeForest) Community Updates • TCDL online events (Alex Suarez) • GIS Interest Group (Alex Suarez) • Copyright webinar (Alex Suarez) • Save the date for Open Texas (Lea DeForest) • Congrats Santi Thompson, UH Libraries (Lea DeForest) Q&A (Kristi Park) Links • Anti-racist resources https://www.tdl.org/about-tdl/statement-against-racism/ • Covid-19 resources https://texasdigitallibrary.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/COLLAB/pages/1210843301/COVID- 19+Pandemic+Response+and+Resources • Find Five exhibits https://www.tdl.org/2020/04/find-five-repo-finds/ • Data Carpentries https://datacarpentry.org/ • OJS Upgrades Journal Upgrades (OJS 3.x) • Vireo 4 migrations FAQs https://texasdigitallibrary.atlassian.net/wiki/x/FYD_Sw • OER Ambassadors https://www.tdl.org/oer-support/oer-ambassadors/ • TDL Member Directory https://www.tdl.org/directory/ • Data Curation in the TDR https://tdl-ir.tdl.org/handle/2249.1/156477 TEXAS DIGITAL LIBRARY MONTHLY MEMBER FORUM AGENDA https://www.tdl.org/tdl-events/forum/ • TCDL online events https://www.tdl.org/2020/05/tcdl-2020-online-events/ • UH Santi Thompson https://libraries.uh.edu/about/news/thompson-professorship/ • GIS Interest Group https://www.tdl.org/event/gis-interest-meeting-w-tdl/ • Copyright webinar June 30 https://www.tdl.org/2020/04/nypl-copyright-webinar/ • Open Texas 2021 https://www.tdl.org/tdl-events/open-texas/open-texas-2021/ • Forum survey https://goo.gl/forms/h654RITsFicIU3Ns1 • 2019 Annual Report https://www.tdl.org/2020/02/2019-impact-report/ Authors: - Lea DeForest, Communications Manager, Texas Digital Library - Kristi Park, Executive Director, Texas Digital Library Contributors: - Alex Suarez, Administrative Associate, Texas Digital Library - Brenna Wheeler, Archivist, NASA - Jonathon Youssefnia, Licensing and Electronic Resources Coordinator, UT Austin