Design and remote control of a Gantry mechanism for the SCARA robot



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Remote experimentation and control have led researchers to develop new technologies as well as implement existing techniques. The multidisciplinary nature of research in electromechanical systems has led to the synergy of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. This work describes the design of a model of a Gantry Mechanism, which maneuvers a web-cam. The user controls virtually the position of end-effecter of the Gantry Mechanism using a Graphical User Interface. The GUI is accessed over the Internet. In order to reduce the unbalanced vibrations of the Gantry Mechanism, we investigate the development of an algorithm of input shaping. A model of the Gantry Mechanism is built, and it is controlled over the Internet to view experimentation of the SCARA Robot. The system performance is studied by comparing the inputs such as distances and angles with outputs, and methods to improve the performance are suggested.