Ps receiver function imaging of crustal structure and Moho topography beneath the Northeast Caribbean.



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The Caribbean plate consists of accreted different geologic terrains bounded by a system of complex plate boundaries. We conduct P-to-S receiver function studies of the Northeast Caribbean in order to image the plate boundary and study the major forces driving tectonics and strain distribution in the region. To calculate a velocity model for migration, we implement a technique analogous to “velocity analysis” in reflection seismology. We image a strong positive amplitude feature that shallows from ~40 km in the west to ~30 km in the east, which we interpret as the Moho. We also image a feature at ~80 km, which we conclude to be a subducting North America (NA) slab pushing against the Caribbean lithosphere. The next step in seismological studies of the Northeast Caribbean region is seismic tomography using teleseismic and local arrivals. This will allow us to gain insight into the volume and location of features.