The inverse medium problem for Timoshenko beams and frames : damage detection and profile reconstruction in the time-domain



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We discuss a systematic methodology that leads to the reconstruction of the material profile of either single, or assemblies of one-dimensional flexural components endowed with Timoshenko-theory assumptions. The probed structures are subjected to user-specified transient excitations: we use the complete waveforms, recorded directly in the time-domain at only a few measurement stations, to drive the profile reconstruction using a partial-differential-equation-constrained optimization approach. We discuss the solution of the ensuing state, adjoint, and control problems, and the alleviation of profile multiplicity by means of either Tikhonov or Total Variation regularization. We report on numerical experiments using synthetic data that show satisfactory reconstruction of a variety of profiles, including smoothly and sharply varying profiles, as well as profiles exhibiting localized discontinuities. The method is well suited for imaging structures for condition assessment purposes, and can handle either diffusive or localized damage without need for a reference undamaged state.