Wireless transceiver for the TLL5000 platform : an exercise in system design



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This paper will present the hardware system design, development, and plan for implementation of a wireless transceiver for The Learning Labs 5000 (TLL5000) educational platform. The project is a collaborative effort by Vanessa Canac, Atif Habib, and Jason Perkey to design and implement a complete wireless system including physical hardware, physical layer (PHY-layer) modulation and filters, error correction, drivers and user-interface software. While there are a number of features available on the TLL5000 for a wide variety of applications, there is currently no system in place for transmitting data wirelessly from one circuit board to another. The system proposed in this report is comprised of an external transceiver that communicates with a software application running on the TLL-SILC 6219 ARM9 processor that is interfaced with the TLL5000 baseboard. The details of a reference design, the hardware from the GNU Radio project, are discussed as a baseline and source of information. The state of the project and hardware design is presented as well as the specific portions of the project to which Jason Perkey made significant contributions.